Incredibly Good News: The Public Does Not Support High-Stakes Testing

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The new PDK/Gallup Poll had some amazingly good news for those parents and educators who have been fighting the movement to test, standardize, and quantify every last child, as well as to destroy public confidence in public education.

What this poll shows is that the public is not buying what the U.S. Department of Education and the corporate reform movement are selling.

They like their teachers and their schools. They don’t believe that standardized testing has helped their school. They don’t want test scores used to evaluate their teachers.

The message: Corporate reform lacks a popular base.

Here are some key findings:

*Only 22% of Americans “believe increased testing has helped the performance of local public schools.”

*A majority (58%) “reject using student scores from standardized tests to evaluate teachers.” This is a reversal from last year, when 52% approved of this obnoxious idea. The more people see that it…

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Mathree or Matatu: Will be Missed

Mathree or Matatu: Will be Missed.

via Mathree or Matatu: Will be Missed.

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Kigali City 2040


Kigali the capital city of Rwanda. A country whose dreams were almost shuttered two decades ago. The city is a true reflection of Rwandese flag symbol – rising sun. It is a rising star whose rays shine brighter than before.

Who said once beaten twice shy. This is not the case for Rwanda especially Kigali. Although the scars of inhumanity atrocities remain as a reminder of 1994 but these men and women have woken to be a force to reckon in East and Central Africa.

It takes political will for a nation to nearly achieve its desires. Kigali home to the most respected President Paul Kagame, it has set plans to expand as a hub of economic development. Not only favourable policies in the region but every businessman is thinking of Rwanda. Kigali will host major companies on the continent and overtake likes of South Africa…

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We are counting Days to official opening of Thika Road!


Thika Road – Metropolitan Class

Six years ago traffic on Thika road seemed a nightmare and residents of adjacent estates recall long hours in traffic. The elimination of roundabouts and other bottlenecks such as single lane tracks has significantly eased traffic flow and reduced the cost of running a public service vehicle on the highway.

The flyovers, interchanges, underpasses [box culverts] and overpasses provided are meant to ease congestion and provide an access controlled motorway with accompanying service roads, slip roads, bus laybays and well demarcated lanes.

According to various reports, Nairobi is estimated to lose Sh20 billion a year on traffic jams, more than City Hall spends annually to provide services such as water, sewerage and garbage collection to residents. With Thika road then accounting high number of billions per annum.

The ten-lane Thika Road has cast off the spell of notoriously wasting man-hours. Time that could be useful…

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Hello world!

Welcome to Green Sun Cities. For more details click below

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